Premium Services

Our own unique creations as well as our special spin on common offerings, We utilize these and other devices & methods to treat you to a customer service experience unlike any you’ve had before.



ZOTA ZOTA is our powerful cloud-based backup utility that keeps critical data protected and accessible from anywhere in the world. Simply designate what files or folders need to be backed up, and during idle computer time they are uploaded to the secure locations on our servers. Changes are uploaded as quickly and efficiently as possible, and you can rest knowing that your data is securely encrypted during its transport AND in its storage directory in our hardened facility. Never use tape backups again if you don’t want to… and you probably won’t want to!

@ONCE 24/7

@ONCE 24/7 Anytime response escalation services for your critical systems. Let us handle problems that come up outside of normal business hours. @Once 24/7 is designed to be triggered by designated staff within your organization, allowing you to wield great power to ensure your critical applications are returned to normal as soon as possible. Subscriptions can be purchased on any & all systems you desire, and can be updated or modified at any time.


AssessIT A comprehensive roadmap for your infrastructure needs. Rather than guessing at what you need, or filling an urgent deficit, AssessIT© is a standalone project that is yours to keep for guiding you in the months and years ahead. Regardless of your budget, you’ll have an elegant, well thought out plan to execute whenever it is necessary or financially feasible.


KameaKreative Not what you may expect from an IT company, but we think you should from now on! Our web development team design & build spectacularly functional websites using the latest cross-browser compatible technology, such as HTML5, Java, Jscript and Flash. However, we also incorporate experienced graphic artists into the projects from the beginning. These artists are highly focused on matters such as aesthetics, human factors, creative layouts, color pallets, and overall artistry; and they are represented in equal share in every site we create! The internet is a visual medium, and their presence is essential. Rounding out this stable of talent is Audio & video engineers, professional photographers, and other professional artists to incorporate modern stimulus into your website or social media site.
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